Our offer

We have a transparent and customer-focused offer consisting of two stages:

Stage 1

Advice on choosing the optimal location and type of property.

Based on Your preferences, as well as our knowledge and experience, we will prepare a report containing recommendations for the optimal location. We will describe the main information related to the selected location, including the level and behavior of real estate prices, transaction costs, tax issues, and we will point out further steps essential to buy the property.

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1a We start our work by carefully gathering your preferences and determining the criteria that matter most. Based on our experience, we have prepared a questionnaire that we use during the meeting. Thanks to this, we will be sure that we have not omitted any aspect that is important to you. We prefer a face-to-face contact and hence tend to always start cooperation with a meeting. This will allow us to better understand your expectations. Further way of contact is will be set up flexibly

The information we will need includes:

  • purpose of purchase (residential / investment)
  • investment time horizon (purchase of available / planned) investment
  • geographical / climate preferences
  • frequency and time of the year of your visits and the budget for travel
  • expected features of the property

1b Based on the information collected above, we analyze and select a potential location. Our work is based on the analysis of data covering economic data of a given country and regions, analysis of tourist traffic, air traffic, studies of tourist chambers, trends in data as well as Airbnb/booking.com occupancy and other entities presenting data on the real estate market. We enrich the analysis with interviews with people from potential locations, information from the state offices of selected regions and our experience. As a standard, we present recommendations for 3 locations. Considering your preferences and possibilities offered by a given region, we will also prepare recommendations regarding the type of real estate (apartment/house/aparthotel/plot area, etc.)

1c We summarize our work in a report that we discuss with you first. It contains a summary of information collected in the course of our work divided into specific focus areas. The final product is a summary report with recommendations.

Stage 2

Support throughout the purchase process, including search of potential properties and a local visit to find the best offers.

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2a After you select one specific location, we start the process of searching for potential target properties. It includes a review of developers' offers, offers on websites, both from the primary and secondary market. We check these offers and perform initial selection. We try to present as many potential properties as possible and finally narrow the number down to around 5 so that we focus on the best ones.

2b The next step is to organize meetings with the selling parties during your on-site visit. We will be there earlier and by the time of your arrival we will inspect selected properties in terms of location and neighbourhood, analyze the urbanization plan (if it exists), as well as carry out a local interview. All so as not to be adversely surprised after the deal!

2c At the same time, we will not be limited only to the properties we chose earlier. Being on site we will search the area for available properties that we have not identified before. For the most attractive, we will also inspect them and organize a meeting with the selling party.

2d If you decide to buy, we will support you in negotiating the purchase price and further legal steps. We will recommend a notary and also present the steps you need to take to formally become the owner of the property.

Our remuneration is simple and tailored to the scale of your investment. You can choose between selecting the entire Offer or only the First Stage and carry out the process of searching for a specific property and making the purchase yourself (you will have detailed information on the next steps presented in the report from the First Stage).

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