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While on holiday, have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a given place or come here more often? If so, you are probably ready to buy a real estate abroad!

This purchase involves making a number of decisions about which we usually have very limited information or rely on the opinions of others who may have different preferences than we do. Add to this lack of time to gather relevant data or visit all places of potential investment. Our company offers direct support throughout the entire process, essential to successfully purchase a real estate anywhere in Europe. Of course, with the exception of making your first purchase decision. THIS ONE BELONGS TO YOU!

Examples of uncertainties that may arise when making decisions:

  • I would like to buy an apartment on the Mediterranean Sea. Is Spain the best choice?
  • I really like Paris. Which district should I choose?
  • Are local authorities going to regulate short-term rentals (Airbnb - Paris) or freeze rental prices (Berlin)?
  • What does the competition look like?
  • Is there big hotel investment planned next to my apartment?
  • I would like to come to my apartment on weekends, but I do not want flights / transport to ruin my wallet or last too long? Which location should I choose?
  • I would like to have a property in a place where spring / summer lasts all year. What are the average temperatures throughout the year in given location?

The RE-abroad company was founded to answer all your uncertainties related to the purchase of real estate anywhere in Europe, including those above. Our standard scope of services includes:

  • analysis of buyer preferences (residential / investment purpose, type of property, geographical location, public/private transport, etc.)
  • advice on choosing the optimal location (starting from a country level and ending at a detailed region, e.g. a city district), including the use of macroeconomic
  • analyzes, tourist traffic / air traffic information, hotel occupancy, Airbnb/ availability, interviews with locals and other information
  • analysis of risks and benefits related to the selected location
  • search of target property and support throughout the whole purchase process, including visits to destinations and earlier inspections of the properties under consideration
  • verification of selected properties (analysis of the urbanization plan for a given location, local visit, interviews with locals, etc.)
  • support in arranging legal services
  • support in negotiations of the final purchase price

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